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What is water jet sewer cleaning and how to know when I need it?

What is Water Jet Sewer Cleaning?

Water Jet Sewers, also known as “water jetters” are cleaning machines with high-pressure water jets that help to drain pipes when they are backed up, clogged or simply need to be cleaned out. Often times, plumbing companies that have residential and commercial customers are the ones who purchase and utilize water jetters. When on a routine schedule determined by your licensed plumber, it can help reduce sanitation, drainage and maintenance issues throughout your plumbing.

How do you know when you need Water Jet Sewer Cleaning?

Being able to tell when you need water jet sewer cleaning can sometimes be difficult. Some warning signs to be aware of include:

  • Slow Draining Pipes

While this may take happen over a longer period of time, slow draining pipes are an easy indication that you are in need of some water jet sewer cleaning. However, it could also mean that there is a more serious underlying issue such as drain blockage in your garbage disposal or in the base of your toilet drain floor. Sometimes simple store-bought drain cleaner can help to speed up draining in your pipes, but waiting too long to hire a professional could lead to more costly repairs down the road.

  • Obnoxiously Loud Draining Pipes

If your pipes are making loud gurgling and unusual noises when draining, they could be clogged with hair in your bathroom drain or leftover food from your garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. Sometimes you can easily remove whatever debris may be blocking the drain, but if the noises persist, a sewer and drain service will be able to address the problem quickly and effectively.

  • Increase in Water Bill

For the most part, your monthly water bills are around the same cost. Unless you happen to be watering your grass during hot summer months or maybe doing some extra laundry while your family is in town. If all of a sudden you notice your monthly water bills increasing consistently, it could mean there is a slab leak or even worse, something wrong with the general sewer line that runs out to the street.

  • Stench coming from your Drains

While you don’t always need to assume the worst, an odd smell coming from your drains can mean that something is potentially wrong. It could be something as little as an empty P-trap, but nonetheless, the unwanted odor needs to go.

  • Diminishing Pipes

Do you live in a home that was built around a hundred years ago? If so, your supply and drain lines could have been made out of any of the following materials – PVC, copper, steel, brass or maybe even cast iron, which each of those materials have a different lifespan. A licensed plumber will be able to explore your problem in depth to see if treating it with a water jet sewer will fix the issue or if your overall plumbing needs updated and replaced.

While the warning signs above can be used to guide you, they are not definitive answers. To help make things easier, be sure to contact a San Marcos Plumbing Company to come out a take a look. During this time, most companies will give you a free estimate and even suggest a routine maintenance schedule to help keep your pipes and drains in top-notch condition!

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