Nothing can ruin your day faster than discovering a plumbing or sewer problem. Usually, these problems are urgent, and incredibly expensive to fix. Additionally, they almost-always seem to occur at exactly the wrong time (late in the evening or over the weekend). Finding a good plumber can be a challenge, but Proactive Plumbing is here to put your mind at ease.

Our professionals can perform drain repairs, unclog pipes, install new fixtures, replace old and potentially unsafe pipes. Moreover, we are here to help advise our clients on the best way to prevent costly problems before things become urgent. Whether it’s a drain close to clogging, or actual pipes that are in danger of failing and potentially flooding your home – we can help with it all! Trust the professionals at Proactive Plumbing whenever you need assistance with sewer and drain maintenance. We are also here for our clients who simply want a consultation, quote, or just regular maintenance.  No matter what time of day, we are available and ready to assist!

Keep your sewer and drains clear

Are you experiencing foul smells coming from your drains? Or frequently have slow or clogged drains? Proactive Plumber offers a wide variety of plumbing services to meet your needs. Our on-site, experienced professionals can not only address your current sewer and drain maintenance plumbing problems, but also help you develop a preventative maintenance strategy to stop the same issues from recurring.

If you have a sewer problem under the house, or driveway, or sidewalk, or under the street, call us!

Call for your FREE ESTIMATE on your sewer and drain repairs (760) 798-1167

Be proactive with your plumbing and catch a problem before it occurs. Eliminate expensive repairs to your sewer and drain.

Our mainline video inspections, scoping, hydro jetting, and snaking could be the answers to your plumbing problems.