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The Importance of Routine Water Heater Maintenance

Has your water heater been sitting in your basement for years with little more than a passing glance from you? It’s time to give it some TLC.

Manufacturers design water heaters to last around 10-15 years. Whether yours is older (or younger) than that, today is the perfect time to get back on track and schedule preventative maintenance.

Water heater care provides multiple benefits. It not only guarantees hot showers on-demand without the hassle of a broken-down water heater, but you’ll save money too.

Look at our quick guide to water heater maintenance written by an expert plumber in San Marcos, CA. No more worries about cold showers!

Water Heater Maintenance Prolongs Life

Everybody has an opinion about how long a water heater should last. Your best friend, dad, neighbor, and plumber will likely give you a slightly different answer when you ask about the water heater lifespan.

The truth is most homeowners should expect a water heater to last around 10-15 years. However, several factors can impact your unit’s lifecycle and cause it to wear out much sooner:

  • Internal corrosion
  • Water pressure issues
  • Wrong size
  • Sediment

While a plumber can offer you the best advice on your specific unit’s lifespan, plumbers always consider one significant factor: maintenance.

Routine water heater maintenance is essential for prolonging the life expectancy of your unit. Not to mention, regular maintenance practically guarantees you won’t be stuck with unexpected repair bills.

Water Heater Care 101

Just like other primary home appliances, water heaters do much better when given the proper care. Here are two indisputable maintenance tasks:

  • Flush your tank every 1-2 years to help prevent corrosion caused by calcium deposits.
  • Drain a gallon of water from the tank every few months to prevent sediment buildup.

Routine water heater care also helps keep your water tasting fresh, stops bad odors, and keeps hard water stains from ruining fixtures, faucets, and toilets.

Is Routine Maintenance a DIY Project?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a skilled DIYer, you may be wondering whether you should take on routine water heater maintenance.

Most plumbers recommend that you leave plumbing work to the professionals. Water heaters contain boiling hot water, and gas water heaters use natural gas or propane. Both can be dangerous when mishandled.

You can drain the gallon of water from the tank and perform other routine checks. Just know your limits when handling electrical or gas appliances that could cause injury if mishandled.

If DIYing isn’t your thing, it’s a good idea to have a go-to plumber’s information handy in your contact file.

How Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

One complaint voiced by most homeowners is the high cost associated with home maintenance. Today, paying for routine maintenance means you’re less likely to pay high water heater repair bills tomorrow.

A poorly working water heater wastes energy, resulting in higher energy bills. Well-maintained water heaters can save homeowners money by reducing energy costs.

Contact Your Plumber in San Marcos, CA Today

Preventative care can help extend the life of your appliance. It also saves you money on repair costs and energy bills. To reap the benefits of routine water heater maintenance, it’s smart to schedule routine water heater maintenance twice a year (spring and fall).

To learn about all the ways the premier plumber in San Marcos, CA, can help you keep your water heater in tip-top shape year-round,contact the team at Proactive Plumbing today! We also offer other plumbing services, including 24/7 emergency service.

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