leak detection

Why Leak Detection Should Be Handled by a Professional

As homeowners, we are always trying to save money, but there are times when you should hire a professional. Leak detection is one of those times, as a water leak, gas leak or sewage leak can cause costly damage to your home and could be hazardous to your health. Ensuring leaks are handled correctly is a priority.

When leaks go undetected, they can lead to a world of issues that may cost thousands to fix. Things such as mold can set in, and this could lead to breathing issues, as well as property damage.

Why hire a professional?

Professionals are equipped to take care of leaks. They are armed with the right equipment to quickly make an assessment and find the problem. Leaks can sometimes hide and can be nearly impossible to detect without the right equipment. When you go with a professional who has the right equipment, they will be able to find your leak quickly and get it fixed before damage sets in. There will be no costly guesswork.

Homeowners may try to locate a leak themselves, but this can end up in hours of work and never finding the source. Mainly because leaks can be under concrete or behind walls. No one wants to tear up their home in efforts to find a leak that may be located somewhere else. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional plumber, as they will locate the source without causing unnecessary damage to your home. They will have high tech equipment that leads them to the source of the leak.


Plumbers use a number of tools including ground microphones or other acoustic listening devices to help them locate the leak. In addition, some plumbers may have the assistance of video inspection tools or plumbing cameras to help them. Video inspection allows the professional to find the exact location, which means only the area affected will be fixed. This could save you a lot in labor cost and help you avoid any additional damage to your home.

Video inspection tools will typically include a camera and light that is mounted on a fiber optic cable. This can then be fed through pipes and allow the plumber to view it on a monitor.


You want to make sure you hire a professional you can trust when it comes to leak detection. Ask family and friends for suggestions or read online reviews. You can also ask your plumber for references and to see their certification. Leak detection is easy with the right plumber on your side.

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