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How Hydro-jetting Can Improve your Plumbing Health

The plumbing industry employs more than 490,000 Americans. The industry is expected to add thousands of more jobs between 2019 and 2029.

These numbers may sound a little excessive, but pipes start to get clogged as homes get older. America needs experienced plumbers that can help with clogged pipes fast, including plumbers who know about hydro-jetting.

What exactly is hydro-jetting? What are its benefits for plumbing in San Marcos? How does it compare to other forms of pipe cleaning?

Answer these questions, take action, and you can have vibrant plumbing health. Here is your quick guide, so keep reading below.

The Basics of Hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting uses a hydro-jet, which is a hose that operates at high pressure. The hose connects to a tank of water, and it can then connect to your drain.

The plumber can adjust the hydro-jet depending on the condition of your pipes. If you have excessive amounts of debris, they can turn the jet on at very high pressure. If you have a few minor clogs, the plumber can turn their jet down.

They may need to use a couple of dozen gallons of water to clean your pipes. The water can go into the sewer, preventing it from being wasted.

The procedure is non-invasive. The jet attaches to your drain, and the water runs through your pipe network. Your plumber can bring the jet into your house with minimal effort.

You can call a plumber and have them inspect your pipes. They can determine if you have a clogged pipe or drain issue.

They can then perform hydro-jetting in less than an hour. Once it is done, the plumber can inspect your pipes to make sure everything is clear.

The Benefits of Hydro-jets

Hydro-jetting has many benefits over other ways to clean your pipes. High-pressure water can clean away any objects. Dirt, grease, and food residue will be swept away by the stream of water.

Plungers have a limited reach. They push debris as far as they can, but the debris gets stuck again. A hydro-jet can work over a long distance.

As the hydro-jet pushes the debris away, it makes the surfaces of your pipes smoother. This process helps prevent future clogs from occurring again because you create less area for minerals and buildup to cling to in your pipes.

Hydro-jets require no toxic chemicals to work. Sulfuric acid is a common ingredient in drain cleaners. It can burn your lungs and corrode your pipes if you use it too often. Therefore, using drain cleaners should be limited to avoid that type of damage.

If you have leaking pipes, you can fix them and then use hydro-jetting. It works for steel, clay, and cast-iron pipes.

Satisfy Your Plumbing San Marcos Needs

Hydro-jetting is the best way to clean your plumbing system. It can clear away any objects. It operates at long distances and utilizes no corrosive chemicals.

Your plumbing in San Marcos does not have to stay clogged. You can get a jet right away!

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