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How grease in your drain impacts your home’s plumbing

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us spending more time cooking and eating at home. As a result, many of us have become more adept at coming up with interesting recipes and creative combinations. If you are using olive oil for your cooking or other cooking oils, then you might have leftover grease. However, before you decide to dump that grease down the drain, here is what you need to know about the impact grease can have on your home’s plumbing in San Marcos.

Problems Grease Causes in Your Plumbing

You have probably heard that pouring grease down your drain is a no-no. After all, the grease will create huge fat deposits that form in your pipes and sewers. Part of the problem is that even if you poured hot water down the drain afterwards, the pipes and the grease will both cool down, thus causing the grease to stick to the inside of your pipes.

Slowly but surely, it will create a clog that ends up blocking up your entire pipe.  Then you have to call a professional plumber in San Marcos to try and unclog your pipes or even replace them altogether. When you get to the point that you need the professional plumber, then it has the potential to be a costly repair.

If you have a septic system, then a build-up of grease could end up blocking your outflow lines, not allowing your wastewater to enter your drain field. Plus, extra water is not able to flow into your tank and that means it could end up in your home.

When the grease gets into your drain field, it can coat the soil particles and keep them from filtering your wastewater properly. That could lead to raw sewage in your yard.

Watch What You Pour Down the Drain

The best thing you can do is avoid pouring any type of grease down the drain. However, if you accidently do once, that is not likely to cause long-term damage to your home’s plumbing. Still, it is important to make it a habit to pour grease into a jar or other container where it can cool and you can then dispose of it. If you have a garbage disposal, you need to make sure that you are not putting greasy food down it. Solid fats, such as butter or liquid fatty sauces, should also never be put down the drain.

How to Tell If Grease Is Clogging Your Drain

If you think grease has already started to clog your drain, here are some signs to watch for:

  • Slow draining of water
  • Bad smells
  • Gurgling sounds

The truth is that food can attach to grease, thus creating a combination clog in your pipes. To avoid that, do not pour grease down the drain. Once a week, fill your sink to the brim with hot water and then allow it to drain through your pipes. This action fills the pipe with water and can clear it naturally. You can improve your results by adding some vinegar and baking soda to have a natural cleaning effect for your plumbing.

If you noticed that your pipes are clogged, our professional plumbing services in San Marcos can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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