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Helpful Spring Plumbing Tips From a Professional

Spring, including your plumbing, is the best time to get home improvement projects squared away. The weather is the most temperate, sparing you the hassle of repairing issues in extreme heat, storms, and colder winter months ahead.

Is your plumbing system long overdue for a maintenance check?

This spring, start by jotting down a list of any issues you might have, ranging from running toilets to clogged drains. Having as many details as possible will help you match your plumbing issues to the right services. Your final step is to call your local plumber in San Marcos, checklist in hand.

Don’t miss these important plumbing tips and points to add to your checklist.

Plumbing Tips for Your Toilet

Let’s start with one of your most important points on the checklist—your toilet.

First, check to see if your toilet is flushing correctly. You may need a replacement if the toilet handle is jiggling too much. After flushing, the water should whirl down and flush back up quickly without issue.

It’s normal to hear a running sound briefly after you flush. However, this sound should stop fairly soon after flushing. If the running sound continues (even for hours), add it to your spring plumbing checklist.

A constantly running toilet likely means you have some old, worn-out parts that need replacing. You’ll need to fix this issue to avoid skyrocketing water bills too.

After flushing, if you find very little water rushing back up to the toilet bowl, you may have a damaged fill tube. The problem could be your fill valve which is responsible for refilling your toilet’s water tank after flushing. A problem with your sewer vent line may also prevent proper flushing.

Toilet clogs are another common problem that may require the help of a professional plumber.

Plungers are for minor clogs when too much toilet paper is flushed down. However, plumbers in San Marcos can help clear tough clogs with snaking tools. Blocked leach fields are also problematic if your home has a septic system.

Check for Leaks and Call a Plumber in San Marcos

Leaks are another checklist item you can’t ignore.

If you find water pooling beneath your toilet, you have a leak. On the other hand, toilet tank leaks are harder to detect and typically require a plumber. You can also add a few drops of food coloring dye to the tank; you know you have a leak if the coloring appears in the toilet bowl.

Next, check for leaky faucets. Look for constant dripping or any water pooling around the faucet base. You may also spot mineral deposit buildup on the faucet.

Ensure your faucet hardware, o-rings, and handles are positioned firmly in place. Water loves to leak out from even the tiniest openings. Every wasted drop adds more to your water bill.

Lastly, has your water heater passed its expiration date?

A San Marcos plumber should replace water heaters over 15 years old to avoid energy waste. Ensure your heater is set to no more than 120 degrees max to avoid health hazards and high energy costs.

Get the Plumbing Service You Need

Kick off your spring with a clean plumbing system that doesn’t cause health, safety, or energy cost concerns. Remember to replace worn-out parts as needed and to call a plumber in San Marcos as soon as possible to avoid any more costly damage.

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