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How to avoid hard water contaminants

Even though there are a variety of filtering options and water treatment facilities in place to make sure that your water is of the highest quality, hard water contaminants can creep in, potentially damaging your plumbing in San Marcos and lowering the quality of your water throughout your home.

Therefore, it is critical to make efforts to avoid hard water contaminants or to address them right away. Here are a few ways on how to avoid hard water contaminants in your home.

What Are Water Contaminants?

To put it simply, water contaminants are extra substances that can be found or are present in your water. Many of these extra substances can have harmful effects on your health. At elevated levels, these hard water contaminants can also cause diseases. Here are a few of the types of contaminants that we can and should be aware of before testing our water.

Lethal contaminants cause treatable illnesses to life-threatening conditions.  Damaging contaminants can alter water quality, while also staining gums and your skin. Emerging contaminants are present in a scarce amount but could end up being harmful in the future.

Test Your Water

Before you can make a decision regarding any water filtration system or other steps to protect your plumbing system, it is important to know what type of water you have. Essentially, you need to get a water test to determine if any contaminants are in your water and what they are. These tests are fairly simple to complete. You might even be able to use a DIY water testing kit, thus saving the hassle of dealing with a lab.

However, if you opt for a lab test, you might be able to get more information about your water than through a DIY test kit. Once you have the results, then you can work with your San Marcos plumber to determine the options available to reduce or eliminate the hard water contaminants in your water.

Filtering Is Key

Some individuals opt to use a water filtration system on their faucets or a pitcher to filter their drinking water. However, there are also water filtration systems that can be used to filter all the water coming into your home, known as a whole house water filter. Using this type of water filtration system, you can reduce the amount of hard water contaminants coming into your plumbing in San Marcos home. There are also ultra-violet water filters that can cleanse your water of microorganisms. It is also easy to adjust this type of filter to work with any other system you have in place.

Doing so will help to lengthen the life of your appliances and water pipes throughout your home. Simply put, hard water contaminants can build up in your faucets, shower heads, and washing machines, making them work harder to bring water in or to maintain water pressure. Overtime, the clogs and buildup from these contaminants can end up requiring major repairs to your plumbing, as well as damaging costly appliances.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have filters in place to limit the amount of hard water contaminants getting into your water system in the first place. If you are unsure of what type of filtering is necessary in your home or if there might be more serious issues regarding your water quality, it is important to contact a qualified and licensed plumber to review your system and help you to determine your options regarding water filtration systems.

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