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5 Plumbing Questions You’ve Always Had

If you’ve ever had questions about your plumbing, hot water heater, toilet or faucets, you’re not alone.

That’s why we’re answering the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask a plumber.

Keep reading to learn the answers to these common concerns.

1. Why Does Your Faucet Leak?

Not only is a constantly dripping faucet annoying, it can cause a spike in your water bill. Depending on the speed of the drip, that leak could be costing you between $60 and $200 every year.

If you have more than one leaky faucet, that’s a big bill at the end of every year.

Luckily, the solution for fixing leaking faucets is usually fairly simple.

The culprit is typically a worn-out rubber washer. You could try to replace it on your own. If you don’t have experience with installing faucets, this is a job best left to professionals.

If this doesn’t fix your leak, it may be time to install a new faucet.

2. Why Do Your Drains Clog So Quickly?

If your drains are constantly backing up, leaving you with a full sink or a puddle of water at the bottom of your shower, you may be the cause.

The most common source of clogged drains is hair. Putting on a strainer or other device designed for catching hair before it goes down the drain can help prevent these clogs.

If your drains are already clogged, you’ll need to take more drastic measures. Many commercial products designed to unclog pipes will end up damaging them.

There are some home remedies that you can try. However, if the blockage is bad enough, it’s time to call in an expert.

3. Why Does Your Toilet Run Constantly?

While this problem is annoying, many people assume that it isn’t an issue. After all, at least the toilet is running.

Like a dripping faucet, a running toilet is costing you extra money.

If your toilet won’t stop running, it means that a mechanical piece of the flushing mechanism has broken and needs to be replaced.

4. How Can You Keep Pipes from Leaking?

Leaking pipes cost money, just like leaking faucets or running toilets.

If the leak gets bad enough, it could cost you a lot more to fix any major water damage that results.

The only thing you can do to prevent leaking is to check for signs of rust or lime build-up periodically. This will allow you to seek help before a leak starts.

5. How Long Should a Water Heater Really Last?

If you’ve ever had a water heater unexpectedly die on you, you’ve probably wanted to ask a plumber this question.

The answer is that it depends.

High-quality water heaters with a warranty and proper maintenance can last as long as 12 years. Lower quality models, or a lack of maintenance, can shorten this lifespan.

Ask a Plumber Any Other Questions You Have

If you have other questions that you want to ask a plumber that weren’t answered here or if you are having issues with your pipes, water heater or other appliances, we can help.

Contact us today to ask your questions or get more information on the services that we offer.

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