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5 Reasons Why Your Water Might Have An Odor

Water quality is part of what makes your home comfortable. After all, you are using water for showers, brushing your teeth, cooking, and cleaning. It makes sense that you will start to wonder if your water has a funny smell or odor. If your water did not smell or have an odor in the past, then you might be concerned that something is going on with your plumbing or your water quality.

While it might sound expensive, the truth is that not everything is due to a costly plumbing problem. However, if you have an odor, then you want to address it. Here are five reasons why your water might have a smell and how a plumber in San Marco, CA, can help!

My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

If you turn on your water and it smells like rotten eggs, then the odor is likely being caused by higher levels of sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide gas. Are you experiencing the scent when you have the cold and hot water on or just when you have the hot water running? The reason is that it is important is because your water heater could be creating a chemical reaction. In that case, your water supply is not the issue.

If your water comes from a well or other still source, the likelihood of these odors increases. The problem is that if you have a large amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water, it can cause damage to your plumbing, as well as staining your plumbing fixtures and silverware.

Is There Contamination in Your Water?

Having your water tested can help you to determine if you have any water contamination that could be contributing to the smell in your water. Those tests can help you identify the source of contamination and then address those issues.

When is the Smell the Strongest?

To identify the source of the smell, it helps to determine when it is the strongest. If you turn on your faucet and the scent  is strong when the water first starts to run and then goes away, you are likely dealing with sulfur bacteria in your well or distribution system.

On the other hand, if the smell occurs only from the water faucet that is attached to the water softener, then you might need to have your water softener inspected or change the solution being used in your water softener.

Describe the Odor

The truth is that your water may start to have a funny smell, but different scents can mean different things need to be addressed. Some bacteria eat iron, and they can create a variety of aromas, including diesel, fuel oil, or cucumber smell. Someone who specialized in plumbing services will be able to identify the scent, and then you can have tests done and determine the best water treatment plan.

Does It Smell Like Gas?

Finally, if you are noticing a methane gas smell, then you need to have your plumbing examined by a plumbing professional. If there is a buildup of methane gas, that could be explosive or a potential health risk.

However, diagnosing the cause of a smell and whether it is dangerous or a sign of contamination requires testing or working with an experienced plumber. If you are concerned about this, contact our team of experienced plumbers today to discuss your options.

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