The Importance of Keeping your Private Sewer Line Maintained

Many Home Owner’s don’t realize that they own the sewer line that connects their property to the Water District’s Sewer System.  This is called a Private Sewer Lateral.  

A private sewer lateral is the pipe that drains sinks, showers and toilets from you home or building to your water district’s main sewer line.  Sewer laterals transport wastewater from all of the drains in your home or building to the public sewer main.

Property owners are responsible for the operation, maintenance and the repair of their property’s sewer lateral from the home or building and including the point of connection to the Water District’s sewer main line.

Why maintaining a private sewer line is important.

Everything you put down your private drains reaches the District’s sewer system.  Proper maintenance of a private sewer lateral is important because they can clog with roots and grease and can cause a backup inside your property or spill from the line.

A sewer spill can cause damage to your property that is expensive to fix.  In addition a spill may cause public and environmental health concerns.

What are signs I may have a sewer lateral problem?

  • Drains backup inside your home or building.
  • Sink holes in your yard over the sewer line.
  • Wet or soggy ground in your yard or near your sewer lateral.
  • Water standing in or coming out of your sewer clean-out.

What are some things you can do for preventive maintenance?

  • Have your sewer lateral inspected and cleaned regularly.
  • Repair and replace deteriorated or damaged lateral pipes as soon as possible.
  • Have clean-outs installed on laterals.
  • Prevent FOG(Fats, Oils, and Grease) from going down drains.
  • Do not flush diapers, wipes or feminine hygiene products down the sewer.

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